Brittny Ward for Arcadia Magazine

I am super excited to have a feature in Arcadia Magazine with one of my favorite women in life, Brittny Ward! She talks about life, money, loyalty and the love of her life, the equally amazing Jensen Button. 

We feature amazing clothes by Briggette and Stone. And if you love the smoky brown look I put on her, the details of her makeup are below. 

Brown Smokey Look on Brittny Ward

Eyes: Morphe 35N Pallet 

Eyeline: Inglot 77 AMC Gel Liner 

Foundation: Makeup Forever HD foundation and concealer 

Lips: Mented Cosmetics Foxy Brown 

Bronzer: MAC Cosmetics 

Taylor Jayne Dancer or Model? You decide.

Taylor came in for a Summer Glam session a few weeks ago, but before she could even pick out those photos to edit she wanted to come back for a video! And who am I to stop her? Taylor is an amazing dancer and videos like this one are great for way for her potential clients to see what she looks like and how she moves. Taylor has crazy red hair, so we decided to keep her makeup nice and pretty. Press play to check out the video we put together. 

I Love Eileen!

The main reason I decided to go full force in the beauty industry is because of the feeling I get when I watch women get transformed. I’m able to offer them a new side of themselves that they haven’t really seen before OR rarely see. Eileen is a dancer and an pilates instructor. So her day to day look is pretty much gym wear. So when she booked a glam session with me I was so excited to get her out of the sweaty gym clothes and into something pretty. 

Once she was all dolled up, she looked in the mirror I could instantly see how confident and happy she was from makeover. You guys, I’m telling you this is why I do what I do! Check out the photos from her session. 

After our shoot, we went to lunch and honestly became such good friends! 

If you’re ever in Echo Park area make sure to check out her pilates class at Samarasa.

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